Verity’s coaching is perfect for when a new leader joins your team or a first-time manager wants to develop leadership skills for their new role or a high-potential employee is being considered for a future leadership role. Our customized approach to coaching helps people thrive and feel more confident about their personal and professional growth - to achieve their maximum potential.

Verity’s collaborative approach can include:

  • A simple to understand and follow framework to ensure coaching stays on track and keeps everyone informed
  • Highly collaborative – to fully understand the needs and to align our focus to your organizational goals
  • Our coaches bring a blend of first-hand leadership experience combined with a disciplined coaching methodology – we are business leaders coaching business leaders
  • Leverage a variety of assessment tools to help individuals uncover new potential through a guided self-awareness and self-reflection process
  • Build development plans with measurable and tangible goals to ensure sustainable success, even when the coaching assignment is complete.



Verity’s deep roster of talented coaches draws on vast real-life experience, industry knowledge and diverse backgrounds. Coupled with disciplined coaching methodologies, our coaches are responsive, relentless, and above all else, passionate about helping people reach new measures of success. In a partnership, built on mutual trust and respect, our coaches assist in building development plans that encourage sustained behavioural change for the future.
Coaching success for Verity is measured when your leaders achieve their short and long-term goals to transform the quality of their working and personal lives.


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