Career Management & Transition

Whether it’s forced by the urgent need to restructure or stimulated by a longer-term growth imperative such as a merger or acquisition, change is an opportunity that ultimately comes down to the same goal: organizational improvement and effectiveness.

Verity’s national network of Career Management and Transition services assists in achieving positive outcomes in both delivery of news and tangible support for people following job loss. Known for our responsiveness, compassionate style and supported by hi-tech solutions, we understand the importance of treating exiting employees with dignity and respect. Not only does this approach provide a safe environment for the employee, more importantly, it protects your organization’s brand. Verity’s expertise in the planning, management and implementation phases ensures any transition goes smoothly and efficiently.

Our Solutions

Our Career Management and Transition professionals understand the pressures and context for organizational change. We deliver comprehensive and innovative restructuring and downsizing consulting services, while meeting your budgets and timelines. We take pride in our customized approach. We work with employers to build a career transition frame work geared to individual requirements. We offer extensive one on one consulting, specialized workshops, an on-line career management portal and facilitator-led weekly networking meetings, all of which will provide your people with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a smooth transition into their future.

Large Scale Restructuring

Downsizings, plant closings, company and/or division relocations require both strategic and tactical solutions. We carefully consult with management prior to the event to fully understand both the business and emotional impact of the activity. We offer notification training and support for your HR team to smoothly navigate this time of uncertainty. A dedicated project manager will work closely with your team to manage all logistical details. We act quickly and efficiently by offering onsite support locally and nationwide to assist with announcements, manage employee reactions, then help them navigate through all aspects of their career transition.

Individual Career Transition

One on one or small group notifications require careful consideration and personal attention. Onsite support for the individual(s) assures emotional support for the communicating manager, employee and HR team. Each program is tailored specifically to fit the needs of the individual – one size does not fit all. All individuals will receive one on one support from their dedicated consultant, regardless of program budget or duration. Each person is unique and our approach reflects that uniqueness.

Personalized Assessment

All individuals will receive a thorough assessment when they start their program. An important part of self-analysis, with constructive feedback from their consultant, this clears the way for the individual to become self-aware, to learn from the past, and to identify new possibilities that lie ahead.

Workshops and Seminars

Social media has changed how individuals look for new and meaningful employment and how the HR world sources new candidates. We offer a variety of workshops and seminars addressing this critical technological development. Managing individual online brand is covered in our LinkedIn Leveraging Strategies, and learning how to maximize all the available “hidden” online resources is showcased in our Online Research Strategies workshop.

Given the variety of new roles in the workforce, there remains one constant – business is about people and how they interact with one another. Self Marketing and the Art of Networking are clearly demonstrated and role played in these workshops. Interviewing and Negotiation, some of the most commonly feared parts of the re-employment process, are addressed head on in these workshops. The Mock Interview rounds out the entire career search transition process, enabling the candidate to feel confident in their interviewing skills by providing constructive feedback in real time. Facilitator-led, weekly networking groups for all levels also reinforce this confidence, help build relationships, expand contact networks and provide a source of support throughout their transition.

As Boomers leave the workplace and face a variety of career options, they require a different mix of workshops. We have created sessions that address Entrepreneurship, Is it for you? and Franchising as a Route to Self Employment. One of our most popular seminars is exploring the possibility of Consulting, which helps individuals learn how to tap into and convert their years of expertise into a saleable consulting practice.

Retirement Readiness Program

Life’s Next Chapter, Verity’s Retirement and Lifestyle Planning service, helps individuals and their spouses plan and prepare for the next stage of their lives. While this program is an alternative to a work search program, it addresses the needs of those who wish to explore integrating some work into their retirement plans.  The service includes financial counseling and uses planning tools to help people get the most from their retirement. It builds bridges from traditional full-time employment to other forms of work and activities that support their overall life goals. Spousal/partner participation is encouraged and supported every step of the way.

Our Commitment to you

We are known for our accountability, our innovation, our quality and high-touch approach.  We provide meaningful monthly status reports for your HR team offering updates on your transitioning individuals. While we use the latest technology to ensure anytime, anywhere, cost-effective solutions, we never lose sight of the irreplaceable value our people provide to help unlock the potential in yours.

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