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Walt Bordian

Executive Coach

Professional History

Walt has over 25 years of executive leadership in Human Resources and business experience in the Canadian private sector. He has worked in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation and consumer goods with companies such as General Motors of Canada, Bombardier, Laidlaw Transportation and Sleeman Breweries.

His combination of senior Human Resources management, business, and extensive leadership and career coaching experience has given him unique insight into the challenges of today’s leaders in an ever changing environment. As a Human Resources professional Walt works with leaders to define, support and translate strategy into desired results and ensures that managers are fully engaged and focused on achieving superior performance.

Educatioin & Experience

Walt has an MBA and extensive progressive senior management experience as a Human Resources leader, internal/external leadership and career coach, and successful business strategist. In addition, he has an extensive track record in leadership development, corporate cultures and values and employee engagement. He is a leadership coach who enables his clients to reach their full potential of influence, values and capabilities to successfully lead. Walt was also a member of the board at Alexandra Hospital.

Coaching Approach

Verity specializes in leadership development coaching, applying an approach that identifies and builds upon people’s strengths, rather than concentrating on “fixing weaknesses”. We focus on the key leadership competencies and performance necessary for success within the organizational context. It is our belief that executives are often best coached by those with relevant executive experience, in addition to professional training in executive coaching techniques. 

Our coaching approach is based on personal and collective (organizational) aspirations, goals and performance measures, where the coachee is responsible for his/her own learning and the coach is a resource and advisor. | c. 905.320.6411

Walt Bordian, Executive Coach

Level / Function Expertise


Senior Managers

High Potentials



Coaching Focus

Leadership competencies

Strategic thinking

Influence and power

Motivating people and self

Coaching direct reports

Managing teams

Relationship management

Leading across cultures

Industry & Sector Knowledge

Consumer Products






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