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Dr. Bill Howatt: Resiliency & Coping Skills

Verity had the privilege of hosting a HR seminar this morning, with renowned keynote speaker, Dr. Bill Howatt, an expert on mental health.  Among his key roles are Chief Research & Development Officer, Workplace Productivity, Morneau Shepell; Founder and CEO of Howatt HR Consulting Inc.; instructor at the University of New Brunswick, and contributing columnist with The Globe and Mail.

The number of employees reporting mental health and chronic disease on the surface continues to grow. Dr Bill discussed the differences between mental illness and mental health as well as the cumulative effects of stress, the importance of developing resiliency and coping skills.

Managing mental health in the workplace begins with understanding the role of two-way accountability – the Employer and the Employee.  A key message was organizations need to encourage all employees to learn about and utilize the resources provided around mental health.  Employees need to learn how to actively develop their personal resiliency and coping skills

Dr. Bill’s study illustrates “the role that coping skills play in resiliency, health, engagement and productivity in the workplace.

• Coping skills are intrapersonal micro skills that impact our cognitive decision making and emotions, as well as the behaviours that we engage in to deal with a presenting problem.

• Sustainability coping skills, are the actions we take daily to clear our mind of negativity, to get mental space, and to find calm.

• Coping skills are like any skill; they take time, practice and patience to master.”


To learn more, we encourage you to visit Dr. Bill’s website




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