Case Studies

Call Centre Closure – Career Centre

Customer Need

  • Restructure business to relocate customer call centres to United States.
  • Employees needed to maintain call centre activities, while preparing to transition the work to colleagues.
  • Closure of call centres in Edmonton and Ottawa, affecting 1,500 employees over 3 month working notice period.

Verity Solution

  • 3-month programs for all employees, delivered on-site.
  • All employees met 1:1 with their consultants within two weeks.
  • Workshops offered to supplement the 1:1 with coaches, including a workshop for international professionals.
  • Hired former company executive to talk about networking.
  • Brought in recruiters to advertise what positions they had available.


  • High rate of retention (less than 2% attrition).
  • Maintained high productivity and customer satisfaction as operations were moved out of country.
  • High satisfaction ratings from employees and organization.
  • References available.
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