Case Studies

Restructuring – Career Centre

Customer Need

  • New CEO & Board of Directors initiated restructuring to prepare organization for privatization.
  • Reduction of 25% of management roles, impacting 2500 management employees.
  • Size of restructuring had to be kept completely confidential, due to the public “spot-light” on the organization.
  • Restructuring needed to be completed within 6 weeks.

Verity Solution

  • Assisted with development of a restructuring plan to implement changes within six weeks - one management level per week for first 4 weeks.
  • Coordinated all departure meetings across Canada with company representative, Verity Filion consultant and employee.
  • Set up and managed off-site career centres in London, Mississauga, Toronto and Montreal over six months.
  • Provided status updates to the company on the progress of clients.


  • Company achieved cost reduction targets and held to schedule of rapid restructuring, allowing it to move forward with new business plan, structure and model.
  • 70% of employees employed within 6 months, 95% within 12 months.
  • High satisfaction ratings from employees and organization
  • References available.
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