Case Studies

Financial Services
Call Centre Closure – Career Centre

Customer Need

  • Closure of London call centre, affecting approximately 100 employees.
  • Employees were given three months working notice:
    • Trained their counter-parts in another city, who would be taking over their roles.
    • Required to continue business as usual and serve customers with same high standards.

Verity Solution

  • Set up on-site career centre for the 3-month working notice period.
  • Met with each employee, both in a group and individually, on announcement day.
  • Conducted career search seminars on-site.
  • Met with employees individually at on-site career centre, throughout the 3-month working notice period.


  • Maintained high customer satisfaction:
    • Average wait time for calls to be answered did not change.
    • Number of dropped calls did not increase.
    • 100% retention.
  • 100% of employees had found re-employment or were actively engaged in their career search when the call centre closed.
  • High satisfaction ratings from employees & organization.
  • References available.


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