Case Studies

Transitional Coaching

Our Understanding

The coaching client was recently promoted from a Business Unit Director, to the Vice President Sales & Marketing. This promotion moved him onto the Executive Team for the Canadian subsidiary of a US multinational. The client was a confident, well experienced leader within the business, and someone the company wanted to develop further within the global organization. It was critical the transition into his new role was smooth and seamless..


12 months


As a sophisticated global organization, the customer had well developed internal assessment and feedback tools in place. We were able to leverage this information and build upon it with a series of interviews that included his new leader (CEO), former leader (also a member of the Executive Team), SVP HR, and Director HR who supported his team. The focus of the interviews was to understand how the client was assimilating into his new role, what the gaps were, and how we should focus his development.


As with many transitions of this nature, the biggest area of focus was learning to see that things are done versus doing them yourself. That is, know what to focus your efforts on and what to delegate to your team. The coaching focused on debriefing key situations both within the client’s team and at the executive team level; reviewing literature on transitioning to an executive level; observing the client’s interactions with his team; and clearly defining role priorities and expectations. During the coaching, the client was acknowledged as a key global resource and nominated for and participated in a very select global development program. He is currently viewed not only as a key member of the Canadian executive team, but also as a key global resource.

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