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Our Understanding

The client’s organization identified him as a high potential executive. He had exceptional IQ but lagged in EQ; which was holding him back from moving to the next level. He had mixed sponsorship in the organization and some of it was situational (meaning only viewed in certain circumstances). Self awareness was a key focus of the assignment— how he came across and how he presented himself to others. Together, with his boss, they agreed he needed to focus on the softer skills and people management capabilities i.e. communication, collaboration, networking, motivating others, being more supportive of his peers, and building relationships.


6 months


We utilized the LEA 360 assessment which focuses on 22 Leadership measures; how you approach things as a leader; and the BBP (Behavioural Best Practices) 360 assessment, which creates a profile of relational, behavioural and performance capacities in the workplace.

NB: Initially the assignment did not call for an assessment, but by the second meeting, it was agreed that it was an important investment and would assist in the self awareness discovery process.


The outcome of the assignment was very positive. While it took several meetings for the client to fully understand the feedback, he did start utilizing new tactics we had discussed when having conversations with people, especially in meetings. He demonstrated a more patient, collaborative approach to problem solving compared to previously when he would know the answer before anyone else, solve the issue and stifle healthy debate and conversation.

He was now practicing new non-verbal and verbal communication styles to solicit greater dialogue and encourage better participation, which ultimately drove better buy-in and commitment amongst the team. Feedback from Senior Executives suggested his behaviour had changed and he was receiving more positive feedback. At the conclusion of the 6 month assignment he was offered a new role in another area of the company, where he continues to build his new leadership brand and sponsorship.

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