Case Studies

Performance Enhancement Coaching

Our Understanding

A successful, competitive senior sales executive with strong technical sales skills, driven with high energy, had a very direct style of communication (“I am a tell it like it is person”) and could be overly aggressive when giving feedback or when frustrated. While successful at driving results, he needed to develop his leadership skills and control his temper when interacting with direct reports in particular.


12 months initially, extended by an additional 6 months


Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) 360 feedback. It was important that we be able to hold a mirror up to the client so he could understand clearly and systematically how he was being perceived by others.


Through in depth review and feedback from the LEA as well as anecdotal information from the VP Human Resources and the client’s leader, he was able to clearly understand the impact of his communication style with certain members of his team. By debriefing situations, exploring alternative approaches and discussing anticipated challenging situations, the client was able to deal much more effectively with his staff and other key leaders. As the client was operating within a complex, constantly changing and politically charged environment, the coaching was extended to provide additional support in effectively navigating through complex organizational issues involving peer relationships as well as cross-organization executive leadership.

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