Case Studies

Developmental Coaching

Our Understanding

The client was highly intelligent, very driven, detail and process oriented, and a relatively new addition to the senior leadership team. She was also the most junior member by age and experience. She was exceptionally strong at getting work done which was very professional, buttoned down and exact. Her work ethic was exemplary although she often ended up doing too much of the work herself. The opportunity was to help her evolve into a full member of the executive leadership team and to become a stronger leader of her people.


6 months with a 6 month extension


As this was a key development assignment, a full psychometric assessment was initially used to determine key strengths and development needs as measured against already determined organizational competencies and priorities. The second phase of coaching was focused on understanding her impact on others in the organization—how they saw her key strengths and development needs. The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) 360 feedback was used for this portion.


The main focus of the coaching was to help the client become a stronger leader, both with her team and at the executive team level by learning how to manage resources and process to drive more effective and efficient results. There were extensive situational debriefs; coaching on how to manage difficult relationships and conversations; how to plan and prioritize work; assess her team and ensure she had the right resources; how to handle organization dynamics; and reviewing literature and research on effective leadership. The client has built an effective team, led the organization successfully through a complex regulatory process and has recently assumed an interim cross functional role.

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