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The client needed development in her current role, which would allow her to learn to separate herself more effectively from the day-to-day work and her staff. Her passion, which also made her successful, on occasion, had the opposite effect on staff relations. Maintaining her high standards while driving results through her people rather than being hands on, was key to her continued success.

The client’s goal was to become better at managing up, sideways and down. She needed to rebuild her confidence in leading the team, build stronger relationships with her peers, and find a way to better manage her supervisor.


6 months, completed in 4 months.


Assessments were not administered as a result of budget constraints. The client did complete a competency review and underwent self assessments to determine areas to focus her development.


The client’s coaching focused on her direct team and included, but was not limited to, communication, delegation, team dynamics, and developing others.

With our guidance, she utilized a number of new tactics/methods and was able to build her confidence and capability in her direct reports. The client began to delegate more, oversee more, and do less. Team growth was incredible and the client experienced better work/life balance.

Managing sideways—the client found new ways to communicate both inside and outside of meetings with her peers. She was able to build stronger peer relationships and found new ways to connect/work together, including developing a stronger voice at the table for her own division.

Managing up—the client began to make progress, specifically redesigning her one-on-ones with her boss i.e. setting agendas, sticking to relevant topics, gaining acknowledgement on accomplishments, and soliciting feedback and help, as required.

NB: This company was run as a co-presidency which presented unique challenges. The client’s boss acknowledged her progress, but highlighted that until the company underwent structural leadership changes, the client would not be able to progress any further with her managing up focus. A decision ensued to complete this assignment and reallocate the remaining funds to another executive coaching assignment which is currently underway.

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