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D'Arcy Cameron


D'Arcy is an experienced career transition consultant, who joined Verity in 2013. He brings previous career development experience from working with post-secondary students at both an Ontario College and University.

Today, he works with diverse clients from several industries, tailoring services to match client needs. For 25 years, D'Arcy worked in several Human Resources disciplines, including recruiting, training, performance management, career development, and workforce analytics. D'Arcy has worked in banking, insurance, back-office processing, educational, and government sectors.

He holds a Masters degree in Adult Education, and is certified as a professional coach.


D'Arcy Cameron Consultant


Verity International Limited
200 King Street West,
Suite 1301
Toronto, ON M5H 3T4

T: 416.862.8422
F: 416.862.2757

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